Earlier this week, Sen. Bill Nelson claimed there was a “cover-up” after he was denied entrance to a shelter for migrant children in Homestead, FL:

Well, today the shelter opened its doors to reporters and we now have some hard statistics about who’s actually at the shelter. According to the Miami Herald, there are 70 children who were separated from their parents out of a total of 1179 kids. That means roughly 94% of the children at the shelter were taken into custody at the border as unaccompanied minors and just 6% were separated from their parents:

On Friday, the Homestead facility housed 1,179 migrant children between 13 and 17 years old, including 70 who had been separated from their families at the Mexican border, said program director Leslie Wood. These numbers change day-by-day as children arrive in buses from the border or depart for permanent housing, usually with a parent or family member, Wood said. As of Friday morning, there were 792 boys and 387 girls. About 70 had been separated from their families at the border, and they are placed with the other children, Wood and Weber said.

So the “cover-up” is that Trump administration is caring for kids after their parents sent them to the U.S. by themselves? Add this to the articles of impeachment!

As for how the kids are treated at the shelter, well, here’s a summary from Patricia Mazzei of the New York Times. In summary, no cages, schooling, calls home and the World Cup: