Well, this is somewhat amusing.

On Thursday’s “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough attempted to hold the hand of his fiancée and co-host Mika Brzezinski only to be rebuffed on air in what was an embarrassing moment:

Here’s a rough transcript of the weird exchange:

Mika: “We did lots of fighting over issues, so it should be a good show today.”

Joe: “No we did not.”

Mika: “Oh yeah we did.”

Joe then attempts to grab Mika’s hand but she rebuffs him.

Mika: “Don’t do that. Not on the air! Not on the air! What are you doing? It’s 6:03.”

Joe: “Willie, can I ask you a question? … We’ve been engaged now for like 13 years. You think by now I should be able to hold her hand at this point in the engagement with her consent?”

Mika: “If you’ll be quiet I’ll hold your hand.”

Joe: “I don’t know what that means.”

Watch the clip here (we haven’t found one that we can embed yet, so apologies in advance for having to click through.)

UPDATE: Video added.