You’ve probably seen the AP report on toddlers being detained under the new zero-tolerance border policy…

…But get this. The organization quoted in the article is Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which put out a report in 2017 highly critical of the Obama administration for some of the very same things they’re not critical of Trump over:

The Weekly Standard’s Jeryl Bier tweeted out a bunch of excerpts from that report back at the end of May.

Some examples…

Meet Lucia, who sought asylum with her husband and their two U.S. citizen children during the Obama administration. She and her husband were separated from the children, who were then placed with family members in San Diego where they were abused. The kids were moved to a second family member who then decided that caring for the kids was too much work. Eventually Lucia, with the help of an attorney, was granted parole to care for her kids:

Or how about this 5-year-old girl who only spoke Mayan who was separated from her father?

And here’s an excerpt from the report above on how during the Obama years, “Family unity has also been negatively impacted by the implementation of laws that focus on enforcement… charges are often brought against asylum seekers even if they request asylum at the border.” Where have we heard that before:

It’s almost as if the media is purposely ignoring everything that happened under the previous administration for a reason that we can’t figure out. Must be a simple oversight.