Let’s recap things, shall we?

In 2014, Hillary Clinton said during a CNN town hall that we should deport all of the unaccompanied minors as fast as we can:

In 2014, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson argued that family detention — which activists described at the time as cruel and inhumane — was an “effective deterrent” against illegal immigration, from the New York Times:

And he said “We will send you back”:

And he made clear that “Those who cross our border today illegally, even children, are not eligible for an earned path to citizenship”:

And President Obama’s team blamed George Bush and the 2008 trafficking law for the entire mess:

Heck, the Obama administration even used child detention as a form of punishment:

Now, let’s fast-forward to April 2018 when the Washington Post reported on the 100,000 or so unaccompanied minors and families that were released by the evil Trump administration:

So tell us again why it’s President Trump who liberals now call a Nazi?