David Sirota is reporting that Planned Parenthood is retaliating against his pro-choice wife, a candidate for a state legislative seat in Colorado, all because she dared to support the unionization of Planned Parenthood clinic workers:

You see, the Planned Parenthood workers are fighting for $15 an hour — you know, “Fight for $15!” and all — but Planned Parenthood corporate doesn’t want that so they’ve turned to Trump’s National Labor Relations Board for help. From an article titled, “Planned Parenthood Group Moves to Use Trump’s NLRB to Bust Union,” on PayDayReport.com:

However, a recent attempt by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountain (PPRM) to use the National Labor Relations Board, which has seen recent changes under President Donald Trump’s administration, to crush a union drive of clinic workers paid below $15 an hour raises questions about divisions that still remain between the leadership of the women’s rights movement and the goals of the labor movement.

Recently, a group of 153 Planned Parenthood support staff at 14 clinics in Colorado has attempted to unionize with SEIU. Clinic workers say they put up with long work weeks for low pay with starting wages at a mere $12 an hour.

A worker in Colorado then reported that Planned Parenthood called the cops on the pro-union folks or were protesting the awful working conditions at Colorado’s abortion clinics during a fundraiser for said abortion clinics:

This could get ugly for Planned Parenthood as big Dem names take notices, such as Randy Bryce who is running to replace Paul Ryan in the WI-O1:

Answer: YES!

There’s really not enough popcorn in the world for all of this.