On her MSNBC show this morning, Joy Reid did a segment on children separated from their parents when caught illegally entering the United States that included this interview of a mom by reporter Mariana Atencio who was quite obviously no separated from her young child.

The separated child in this case was the woman’s 18-year-old son, which in the eyes of everyone is an adult and was treated thusly and we assume would have been separated under any administration or policy:

Watch the full video here starting at the 3:45 mark.

In another video posted by Atencio, she interviewed a father who was separated from his son for five days where he then admitted if he had known there was a chance he would be separated, he never would have crossed in the first place. In other words, the deterrence aspect of the policy, whatever you think of it, could be working. Also note how Atencio admits this is not a new policy at all, but it’s just being used more now by the Trump administration: