Not good, Pratt Tribune from Pratt, KS. How the heck does this get printed? She’s 16-years-old, no less:

For the record, she was talking about winning as “doable.” From the article:

In Pratt last week, Benjamin said she wasn’t quite sure what to expect because this was her first time participating in the Miss America organization teen pageant.
“It was really hard for me to be away from my family for a week because we are have always been so close, but it was good for me coming here,” she said. “This week taught me that this is definitely doable.“

Also, doable is Benjamin’s goal to pursue a degree and career in neuroscience so she can further her work with Alzheimer’s patients, using her background in music to enhance the lives of those struggling to remember.

Now, this isn’t the first awful headline from the Pratt Tribune. This one’s from 2017:

Now, we LOVE a catchy headline as much as the next headline writer, but COME ON!