Chris Hardwick, founder of the Nerdist podcast network and website, was accused by his former girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, of years of sexual and emotional abuse when they were dating. Dykstra didn’t name Hardwick in her Medium post where she made the allegations, but all the information she provided pointed squarely at Hardwick:

Legendary Entertainment, who purchased Nerdist from Hardwick, quickly scrubbed him off the website:

And people who know Hardwick were quick to believe Dykstra as well:

Well, not everyone:

Hardwick’s best friend, Twitchy regular Will Wheaton, said he needs time before he makes a statement:

What BS.

Hardwick was also accused of blacklisting women in the industry:

Time to speak up, Wesley!

Or maybe it’s too late:

It’s not hard, really:

But he didn’t say it, did he?