Officials allowed the media to tour a second child immigrant shelter in El Cajon, CA and — SURPRISE! — they didn’t find any of those cage that the Obama administration used to house unaccompanied minors taken into custody at the southern border:

And here NBC’s Gadi Schwartz questions if the shelter is a detention center or not. Does he want little kids just to be able to leave whenever they want? Sheesh:

He also didn’t like this bell the staff uses for inspiration:

Schwartz did eventually find a cage, but it was for soccer balls:

NOTE: Although Schwartz never mentioned it, not all of these kids were separated from their parents by ICE, which is a HUGE distinction:

Now, back to Schwartz who listed the kids’ activities during the day:

They even had a prom:

And the shelter does do its best to make sure families can see each other despite being house in separate sex facilities:

More information on the length of stay: