An official with the Department of Homeland Security pushed back against the now-viral story that a ICE agent separated a Honduran immigrant from her 4-month-old baby while the mom was breastfeeding the infant.

According to the anonymous official, it never happened:

More from BuzzFeed:

During the call with reporters Friday afternoon, a DHS official twice said they did not believe the story of the baby being taken from the breastfeeding mother was true.

DHS officials also denied reports that they’re lying to parents. From National Review:

The officials also objected to stories alleging that parents are being misled into believing that their children are only being taken to be given a shower. Agents speak Spanish and give migrants tear sheets explaining what is happening to try to be as transparent as possible.

Well, maybe DHS should have gone on the record BEFORE the story went viral?

Because if it didn’t happen, the Trump administration could have avoided a whole lot of bad press:

Not that they wouldn’t have called the president a Nazi for something else.