Dr. Eugene Gu, who we last told you about over his lawsuit against Donald Trump because the president blocked him on Twitter, is looking to the United Nations next to get satisfaction:

Holy smokes, is that a bad take:

But if he does go this route, we have some evidence to show the UN. We assume 2014 isn’t outside the statute of limitations when it comes to “placing children in internment camps and violating both human rights and international law”:

Put Barack Obama on trial at the Hague!

Now, as for Trump … he lets kids who show up at the southern border without their parents in beds:

Hey, it’s just a fact that the UN’s investigators need to know about.

Is this sarcastic or not? We honestly don’t know. Trump would love the UN to tell immigrants to stay home:

And we know what will happen if the UN does investigate:

Nailed it.