Deputy Scot Peterson, the school resource officer who resigned after the February 14 attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL, gave his first interview to the Washington Post and it’s … not good.

Although he does express remorse that his inaction caused deaths, he’s still spinning things to paint himself in the most positive light and trying to get folks to feel sorry for him.

Like how he questions why people say he “did nothing”:

From Fox News:

“How can they keep saying I did nothing?” he recalled saying to his girlfriend one morning after the shooting. “I’m getting on the radio to call in the shooting. I’m locking down the school. I’m clearing kids out of the courtyard. They have the video and the call logs. The evidence is sitting right there.”

And check out how CNN is spinning his remorse:

WTF is up with the headline, CNN?

After the way the Broward Sheriff Scott Israel treated Dana Loesch, maybe an apology is in order, CNN:

Peterson’s interview with “Today” will air Tuesday morning and it doesn’t look like things will get any better:

Um, how exactly would the dispatcher be able to give him accurate information about an ongoing school shooting?

The NRA’s Dana Loesch, thankfully, called Peterson out on his spin:

As have the Parkland parents, calling his interview “crap”:

And a fellow sheriff’s deputy as called him out as well: