As we told you on Friday, President Donald Trump told reporters that he is considering a commutation of convicted Dem and ex-Governor Rod. Blagojevich which had his wife, Patricia, making the rounds on Fox News to encourage it:

Pirro said what Blagojevich did was just “politics”:

FWIW, there doesn’t seem to be any major  hypocrisy on Pirro’s part as they were the only two Blagojevich tweets we found:

President Trump, then TV-star Trump, weighed in himself back in 2012 calling the sentence “outrageous” (From back before we had 280 characters):

“It’s outrageous that Blagojevich goes to jail for 14 years when killers and sex offenders are out walking the streets. Is this justice…I don’t think so.”

This past tweet is exactly the same sentiment Trump shared with reporters on Air Force One:

I am seriously thinking about not pardoning but I am seriously thinking of a curtailment of Blagojevich

Reporter provides the word commutation.

Because what he did does not justify 18 years in a jail. If you read his statement it was a foolish statement there was a lot of bravado but it does not .. plenty of other politicians have said a lot worse. And it doesnt, he shouldn’t have been put in jail.

Take his tweets seriously and sometimes literally?

And hopefully this puts an end to the 4D-chess narrative that Trump would do it to get even at the FBI and Comey: