It’s totally cool that White House press corps member April Ryan is sharing this conspiracy theory from The Root that suggests President Trump is running a child-trafficking ring, right?

WTF is wrong with her?

And, yes, we know the point of the article was to give Trump a taste of his own medicine, or something:

Now, of course, none of this means that Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump are part of some vast conspiracy to sell minority children to the highest bidder like some scene out of Taken 4: Bad Hombres. This could all just be a series of unfortunate policies and events. It could just be white nationalism at work, destroying black and brown families seeking a better life, and demonstrating a careless disregard for nonwhite children.

However, why be hamstrung by the facts, as bad as they are? Trump has shown America that you can get away with whatever salacious, ridiculous and unfounded conspiracy you want as long as you say it loudly enough and find enough other people to repeat it.


Ryan also quote-tweeted this cartoon showing a naked baby Trump comparing his you-know-what with an naked baby Kim Jong-un:

And she’s the one lecturing everyone else in the press room?