Yesterday we told you how activist Shaun King was forced to delete social media posts where he accused a Texas trooper of rape after body cam footage cleared the officer of any wrongdoing. At the time of that post, we were still waiting for King to acknowledge that he messed up, big time.

Well, we’re still waiting.

In a long post on Medium, King explained how he himself was duped by the woman but not once does he apologize for the pain he caused the Texas trooper at the heart of the matter. Read it here:

But do you know who King does say is a victim in all of this? That’s right — HE’S THE VICTIM (emphasis ours):

But Sherita Dixon-Cole is not one of those victims. She victimized us. She victimized the man she falsely accused and she victimized those who stood up for her — believing that she had experienced the worst crimes. Thankfully, she does not represent anyone but herself. She does not represent actual victims of sex crimes. She does not represent actual victims of police brutality. And she does not represent black women or black people. An awful tendency exists in this country to hold all people of color responsible for the transgressions of one person in that group. That’s racism and it must be rejected here. We reject what Sherita Dixon-Cole has done here. It’s awful.


According to media reports, the woman was pulled over early Sunday morning, May 20. But just hours later, King was calling the trooper a rapist in a now-deleted tweet:

See the timestamp right here? 11:03 AM. Now, here’s how King opens his Medium post, writing that he was contacted Sunday evening which gives the impression that he waited longer and did more due diligence than he actually did before smearing the trooper:

On this past Sunday evening, after being contacted by family, friends, and attorneys for a Texas woman named Sherita Dixon-Cole, I was told that she had been sexually assaulted and violently threatened by a police officer while in custody. I was horrified. Sadly, these things happen way too often in our country. I’ve walked victims through this before — many fighting for years on end to prove the truth behind their victimization. Sherita Dixon-Cole’s allegations were genuinely awful. They were also forcefully supported by her fiancé — who was present for some of the encounter they described. Her character was defended to me by those who knew her well. I probed.

King, by his own admission in the tweet, called the trooper a rapist and a kidnapper on only the word of his friend and attorney, Lee Merritt, BEFORE he talked to any witnesses in the case.

Now, compare King’s BS to the apology issued by Merritt. At least Merritt acknowledged his role in all of it:

It is deeply troubling when innocent parties are falsely accused and I am truly sorry for any trouble these claims may have caused Officer Hubbard and his family. I take full responsibility for amplifying these claims to the point of national concern.

Over to you, Shaun. Try again.