Here we go again…

Politico is out with a hit piece on President Donald Trump’s use of iPhones for calls and tweets titled, “‘Too inconvenient’: Trump goes rogue on phone security.” The piece accuses the president of keeping features on the phones “at risk for hacking” and that he’s “resisted efforts by staff to inspect the phones he uses for tweeting.”

From Eliana Johnson, Politico. It’s the camera and mic they’re freaked about;

And the camera and mic are only on one of the two phones:

The phone for calls — the one Politco is worried about — is swapped out frequently but the Twitter phone is allegedly not:

But is this a big deal? Probably not, as the article does mention as the Twitter phone is still pretty damn secure:

So to sum things up: Trump swaps out the phone that’s at a slight risk for hacking — the one for calls with a camera and mic — all the time. So this isn’t even a concern.  And the one he tweets on is more advanced than any phone Obama used, so that one’s safe, too. But instead of these facts, we get the blue-check mob and the MSM trying to equate these phones to Hillary Clinton’s home-brew email server and her mishandling of confidential information:

What a bunch of lying hacks.

Update: The White House pushes back: