It’s all going according to plan, at least if this new Boston Globe piece on President Donald Trump’s tweeting habits can be believed: The president is trolling the media — PERFECTLY — and they fall for it every. Single. Time:

From the Globe:

The hallmark of President Trump’s Twitter feed is that it sounds like him — grammatical miscues and all.

But it’s not always Trump tapping out a Tweet, even when it sounds like his voice. West Wing employees who draft proposed tweets intentionally employ suspect grammar and staccato syntax in order to mimic the president’s style, according to two people familiar with the process.

They overuse the exclamation point! They Capitalize random words for emphasis. Fragments. Loosely connected ideas. All part of a process that is not as spontaneous as Trump’s Twitter feed often appears.


Too late, the bait has been taken. Team Trump is living rent-free in the media’s collective head, and they know it:

Case in point, look how much outrage this typo of “Melania” caused:

Never change, guy. Never. Change: