A widely shared article by the Washington Post’s Philip Bump has been corrected numerous times since publication, but of course the correction isn’t the one going viral.

First up, here’s Bump’s original tweet promoting the article noting that “the number of people killed in school shootings in 2018 is nearly double the number of servicemember casualties.” A pretty stark claim, if true:

Bump’s clickbaity headline, however, obscured actual fatality rates, which he later admitted in this tweet:

Bump was later informed that his clickbaity headline was wrong and that the number of deaths in school shootings when compared to servicemembers killed is nowhere near double:

This also means that a servicemember is 40X more likely to die when compared to a student, not 17X:

The figures for 2018 do not suggest schools are more dangerous than combat zones. After all, there are more than 50 million students in public elementary and high schools and only about 1.3 million members of the armed forces. So far in 2018, a member of the military has been about 40 times as likely to be killed as someone is to die in a school shooting, including Keller’s revised figures.

Bump also made other errors in the piece:

The damage, however, was already done as other blue-checks shared Bump’s incorrect headline with commentary like this: