Ronan Farrow had a big scoop out last night where he gave more details on who leaked Michael Cohen’s financial information to the press. In short, the leaker is in “law enforcement” and he or she was concerned that certain “suspicious-activity reports” on Cohen’s transactions had disappeared. Or, at least, the leaker said they disappeared.

For this, the leaker is being called a “whistleblower”:

But that’s not how a “whistleblower” actually works. If this person worked in law enforcement, there were many legal channels for he or she to bring those concerns to and it was not done:

If you think Sean Davis is too partisan, how about attorney Mark Zaid or specializes in these matters?

Business Insider Josh Barro brought up similar concerns:

So what we have here are people from everywhere on the spectrum saying this leaker has problems. But it gets worse for whomever did this…

Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes, who’s a good friend of James Comey, is not quite sure that the leaker even saw anything improper in the first place:

Wittes tweeted:

Oh, man. This leaker is toast.


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