CNN Is being mocked over this headline stating, “more than a trillion bytes of data related to the indicted Russian individuals and companies’ use of social media to influence the 2016 presidential election”:

But since when is data measured this way?

Why not just say, over 1 terabyte of data which is they way everyone refers to this much information on a computer:

This doesn’t serve CNN’s readers very well:

It’s also not a lot of data:


Now, we get what CNN was trying to get across that 1TB of just social media data is a lot of information for the lawyers to have to go through:

And defense lawyers are accusing the prosecution of a “data dump”:

A terabyte is equivalent to 1 trillion bytes, and in this case represents hundreds of social media accounts.
The amount of data prosecutors have in the case will play into the attempt Concord Management has made to review all documents as soon as possible and force a trial by summer.

But CNN could have picked a better headline for that, right?



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