We see that the MS-13 animals are going to be in the news all day today, won’t they?

Here are three liberals competing to see who can offer up the hottest of hot takes on why President Trump is awful for daring to compare rapists and murderers to animals.

First up, we have MSNBC’s Chris Hayes saying that Trump’s language is somehow tied to America’s “prison population per capita”:

Maybe Trump should just call the MS-13 animals “super predators” with “no conscience, no empathy” that ” we have to bring them to heel.” Would that be acceptable to Hayes?

Unlike Hayes, the HuffPo’s Sam Stein was willing to cut Trump a little slack on “they’re animals,” but he added the “humanity of Trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their families and storing them in military warehouses”:

This conveniently omits that in 2014, President Obama stored immigrant children on military bases, but whatevs. Trump is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

Finally, we have Lawrence O’Donnell with a two-fer. Trump is Hitler:

And any Christian who defends Trump is no real Christian at all;

Which one is your favorite?