On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump announced that he was ordering the Commerce Department to look at options to get Chinese telecom giant ZTE “back in business, fast”:

The Commerce Department had just banned exports to ZTE after it was determined that the company “repeatedly violated U.S. sanctions limiting exports of U.S. technology to Iran and North Korea”:

After the export ban, ZTE was forced to shut down:

The tweet, as you might imagine, triggered many in the blue-check mob with some wondering if Trump was profiting personally from the move:

And there were many, many of these takes:

But the more obvious reason behind the tweet — if you can put aside your Trump hatred for a second — is that ZTE is being used as leverage for either trade negotiations, North Korea or both. From Paul Mozur of the New York Times:

FWIW, Politico is now reporting something similar via anonymous White House sources: