Get the popcorn!

To add to the stupid Nazi comparison we told you about earlier from billionaire lib Tom Steyer, one of the Obama Bros from Crooked Media fighting with Styer’s enviro nut group NextGen America over the later’s anti-Trump ads. For example, here’s the latest:

First up, here’s former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett saying NextGen America’s ads are “counterproductive” and a waste of money:

Jen Canfield, who works for from Steyer’s climate-change advocacy group NexGen America, fired back and asked what he’s done “to help with the resistance aside from spouting off your opinions all day?”

Lovett answered right back with another dig at the “very bad” ad and said he’s busy helping to get out the vote:

It’s not a competition, he says as Canfield asks him how many voters he’s signed up:

NextGen America got involved as well:

Shall we point out that under the combined efforts of team Obama and Tom Steyer, Dems have lost state legislatures, governorships, the House, the Senate and the presidency? All these folks should sit this out.