There’s a story flying around over the past few days about three women who were questioned by police in Rialto, CA when a neighbor called 911 to report a suspected burglary of the home next door. The 911 caller, who was white, spotted the 3 women, who were black, loading their car with their luggage. Unbeknownst to the neighbor, the 3 women had rented the home through Airbnb and weren’t doing anything wrong. The rest, as they say, is history:

Of course it’s being made into a race issue, but there’s no reason it should. We’ve been told for years that if we see something out of the ordinary — like people you don’t recognized loading up a car at a neighbor’s homen — to say something:

We even have a similar example from Brooklyn, NY. A neighbor saw someone she didn’t recognize putting something in the trunk of a car so she called 911. When police arrived, the found a murder scene. Via NBC New York:

A neighbor of Safran in Prospect Park, Doreen Giuliano — who is the mother of the so-called “Grid Kid” murder convict John Giuca — told reporters she noticed a suspicious man at the house Monday. She wondered at first if the family had hired someone to work on the house and texted Safran’s wife, who was inside the house with her daughter at the time.

Then, when the man went to put something in the trunk of his car and went back into the house, “I said, ‘You have a man in your house,'” Giuliano said, prompting Safran’s wife to call 911.

Which bring us to actress Marina Sirtis who blamed the Airbnb false alarm on Donald Trump, whom she called the “Fuhrer”:

Weird. We don’t remember this sort of outrage when Obama officials like Loretta Lynch were saying things like, “If you see something, say something. Report your concerns to law enforcement. They will be looked at, they will be reviewed.”

Now, we get that Lynch was talking about ISIS, but there’s no difference between that and one neighbor looking out for another whe that neighbor sees something totally out of the ordinary.

Fellow actor Dean Cain jumped in to question why she thought Trump was to blame:

Her answer:

Well, at least everyone was civil about it: