The Met Gala — known as “fashion’s biggest night out” is taking place right now in New York City with this year’s theme as “Heavenly bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination”:

We’re so old we remember all the way back to last week when prom dresses were cultural appropriation but now we have celebs like Rihanna dressing like a pope and that’s OK?

But if you thought Rihanna as the pope was bad, wait until you see Katy Perry:

And then Jared Leto topped them both as Jesus:

For some reason, Mitt Romney is there, too:

This guy literally said “hot dog is a meat” a few days ago and now he’s here?

Here a few more of the celebs in attendance…

Kate Upton:

Bella Hadid:

Cardi B:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

Lily Collins:

Nicole Kidman:

Ariana Grande: