We’ve been telling you all weekend about Alyssa Milano protesting at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, but we just realized it appears that she’s lying to people about having armed security at her protest.

ICYMI, this video from Ben Howe is what started it all where Milano’s allegedly armed security guard chases away Will Haraway, an NRA member and CCW holder:

Milano then took to Twitter and stated, “For the record, my personal bodyguard was not armed.”

Now, we don’t know if this a semantic game (Editor’s note: updated below)and she doesn’t consider the gentleman above her “personal bodyguard,” but it’s pretty clear he was armed. From Will Haraway, the guy in the video, himself:

Here’s a photo to decide for yourself:

Let’s zoom in:


Update: As we predicted, she’s saying this wasn’t her bodyguard:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.