A “militant vegan” is under fire this morning after attempting to shame another vegan who had given non-vegan ice cream to a crying little girl.

Here’s the tweet from @itsalzara, a vegan blogger in England, that started it all:

Enter the “militant vegan,” Anthony Dagher. Dagher read the tweet above and then decided to private message his fellow vegan to chastise her. And when @itsallzara to Dagher to “lighten the f*ck up,” he posted the private messages to Twitter to call her out:

Dagher then encouraged his followers to private message @itsallzara on both Instagram and Twitter to tell her off:

What an a**:

Who knew vegan Twitter was so messed up:

Keep in mind, this was over an ice cream treat for a sad child:

Also of note, it’s not just the “militant vegan” who attacked her: