There’s a clip flying around of President Donald Trump praising Paralympic athletes during his visit with Olympians at the White House today that’s being spun as if the president said it’s tough mentally to watch the disabled athletes compete.

Have a watch for yourself:

Some of the reaction from the blue-check mob:

But it’s clear to us — as it is with the Washington Post’s Philip Bump — that the president was saying it was tough to find the time to watch the Paralympic athletes compete:

But to many, many others — like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and those we noted above — the president had just said something awful:

Note the 9000+ likes and 3000+ retweets? Hayes, thankfully, (kinda-sorta) corrected himself two hours later:

Let’s see if this gets the same traction, but we doubt it.

And since Hayes didn’t delete his first take, it’s still out there getting liked and retweeted, etc.: