Women’s March co-chair Tamika D. Mallory, who we’ve covered before over her support of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, ripped into Starbucks in a series of tweets on Tuesday over the coffee chain’s partnership with the Anti-Defamation League for a new training curriculum to fight racism:

Sherrilyn Ifil is the “President & Director-Counsel of LDF (NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund).” We haven’t seen her respond to Malloy’s tweet, but she did retweet this from Jamil Smith, who says he encouraged by the “Starbucks trainings,” including the ADL:

So even Eric Holder as one of the trainers isn’t good enough to end the boycott? Apparently not as Malloy continued her rant:

We’ve reached the part of the Social Justice Warrior program where they turn on their own, which Commentary’s Noah Rothman wrote about here:

And is it sho shocking that the Farrakhan defender would turn against the ADL?

And game over for the Women’s March. They can’t hide this any longer: