In a court filing released on Friday, federal prosecutors revealed that they have already obtained search warrants for Michael Cohen’s emails and “covert wiretaps” have been in place for some time now:

From the filing (pages 12-13)

Fourth, the USAO-SDNY has specific reason to doubt that the seized materials will
include the volume and nature of attorney-client communications that Cohen claims. This is because the USAO-SDNY has already obtained search warrants – covert until this point – on multiple different email accounts maintained by Cohen, and has conducted a privilege review of the materials obtained pursuant to those warrants. The results of that review, as reported by the USAO’s Filter Team, indicate that Cohen is in fact performing little to no legal work, and that zero emails were exchanged with President Trump.

And if they have the emails, they may have phone calls as well:

More from the filing…

Prosecutors argued that Cohen’s “lack of truthfulness” led to the FBI raid (couple this with the report above that they were already reading his emails):

They’re also using Trump’s own words against him to argue there’s not attorney-client privilege because he said publicly that he didn’t know Cohen paid off Stormy Daniels:

The feds also argued Cohen is not “currently engaged in any significant practice of law”:

Trump, however, is arguing that every email between Cohen and any Trump Organization employee is privileged:


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