Los Angeles Times reporters just found out that the paper’s new owner, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, is planning to move the company from downtown Los Angeles to El Segundo:

The paper’s lease is up and it’s either move or pay an extra million-per-month in rent:

The Times’ lease for its newsroom and business administration expires June 30. Soon-Shiong said the current landlord has demanded a $1-million-a-month rent increase to keep the paper’s staff at the building across from City Hall.

“There’s not much time for me to find accommodation for 800 people,” he told more than 300 employees who jammed into the Chandler Auditorium in The Times building to get their first glimpse of Soon-Shiong. “We decided that we needed to create the most modern newsroom … one that respects the work and the lifestyle of the people who work in the newsroom.”

But the move, which in the end probably saves journalism jobs, doesn’t seem very popular with the staff. “El Segundo” is now trending nationally because of the blowback:

Even those who like the new owner aren’t happy with the move:

Hey! El Segundo is closer to the beach … maybe reporters will like that?

But the rents are higher, so that’s a concern:

The town got its name from an old Standard Oil refinery which some are commenting about:

But the main concern seems to be commute times:

Or, you know, you can take a bus or train or whatever:

Hang in there!

Editor’s note: All tweets were curated for this post from the Los Angeles Times’ own “Staff & Sections” list.