We’re starting to think that maybe the members of Congress aren’t up to understanding what exactly Facebook is or does as Mark Zuckerberg sits for his second round of hearings in D.C., today’s in the House of Representatives.

For example, here’s Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) on how a Dilbert cartoon from 1997 is relevant to Facebook’s user agreement … we think:

He even used the cartoon as a prop:

And here’s the actual strip from 1997:

Even worse? What’s up with the camera work here? Click on the video to see what we mean:

This actual Dilbert cartoon is probably more relevant, with members of Congress as the boss:

And to make this a bipartisan post, a few minutes later, Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) referred to Zuckerberg as “Mr. Zuckerman”:

Yeah, but it’s not like she has a leadership position … oh? Never mind!

But, at least, they’ve seen the movie “The Social Network” and are aware of Zuckerberg’s college website, then called FaceSmash:

We’re so screwed that these are the folks deciding on such important matters:




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