Meet Richard Osborn-Brooks, a 78-year-old pensioner from London. Mr. Osborn-Brooks is currently sitting in jail cell as police investigate him over the death of a suspected armed intruder he stabbed during a confrontation in his home on Tuesday:

That’s right: He killed the guy in self defense and now he’s the one in jail getting investigated for murder:

More from The Telegraph:

One of the burglars, who was armed with a screwdriver, forced the homeowner into his kitchen while his accomplice went upstairs.

Detectives believe a struggle then took place between “one of the males and the homeowner” and the 38-year-old intruder was stabbed in the upper body.

The good news is that things will probably work out OK for the local hero. Well, hopefully:

Norman Brennan, a former police officer who represents victims’ interests, said police were required to arrest the pensioner in order to investigate whether he had acted in self defence.

But he said he would be “amazed” if he was prosecuted over the death.

“The law says that a person can use reasonable force when defending himself, his family or property. If the intruder is running away the threat has diminished but if that person stays where they are that’s an assault and if they are armed with a weapon then it would be regarded as aggravating circumstances,” said Mr Brennan.

London is experiencing an increase in crime and even surpassed New York City in terms of the number of homicides during the month of February:


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