Adrienne Elrod, former director of strategic communications for Hillary for America, is angry at the Del Frisco’s Grille in D.C., apparently over the establishment’s dress code which didn’t approve of her Patagonia hat. And now there’s a boycott of the restaurant brewing:

And here’s Adrienne Watson, Trump War Room Director for @TheDemocrats:

@DCCC Deputy Press Secretary Rebecca Drago agrees:

What’s even funnier is that @DelFriscosResto — the target of the angry boycott tweets  — is in Canada, not D.C. Maybe Hillary avoiding Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania makes more sense now that her supporters can’t even find the right restaurant to boycott?

Anyway, their error led to angry tweets like this directed at the wrong restaurant:

Thankfully, they have since figured out which restaurant to boycott:

Exit question: Why not just take off the hat?



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