Sure, why not:

Vermont has no age requirement for the office, so it’s totally legit:

Young Ethan is running on gun control, naturally. Via CNN:

“Ethan really did embrace the gun issue early on. He’s representing younger people and he’s been a good voice for them.”

Ethan acknowledges hunting is an important part of life in New England.
“It’s a culture that I respect,” he said. “But if it’s making the decision between letting my friends have a good time at a firing range and them possibly being involved in a school shooting, I’m choosing legislation to protect them from that school shooting.”

Sonneborn says part of his campaign is intended to disrupt the status quo.
“There’s always been a sense of, ‘We don’t talk about that in politics.’ That’s what I wanted to change,” he said.

Ethan is also anti-Trump:

Call Disney, because this sounds like a movie of the week:

Hey, if Howard Dean could do the job, why not this kid?


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