Late Tuesday, “officials” leaked to the Washington Post that President Donald Trump was briefed, in all-caps writing no less, to “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” Vladimir Putin on his election “win” this week. Since the president did, according to reports, congratulate Putin, the blue-check mob jumped all over it:

This is a major, major leak that never should have happened:

We’re seeing reports that chief of staff John Kelly — rightfully so — is royally pissed about it:

Which brings us to Ari Fleischer, who is taking some heat for this tweet pointing out the disloyalty involved with the leak:

Some of the pushback to Fleischer:

But it’s not just pro-Trump folks who think the leak is a big deal. Here’s Tom Nichols, who’s no fan of the president, on the magnitude of what just happened:


Nichols’ advice for the leakers: Resign and go public:


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