Blue-check Twitter went bananas late last night and this morning over remarks President Trump made at a fundraiser regarding automobile testing in Japan. Specifically, a “bowling ball test” of some sort that American manufacturers can’t pass which then keeps our cars from being exported to Japan.

From the Washington Post:

Now, there was much mocking, of course:

And the race was on to figure out what the president was talking about:

Washington Post reporter Philip Bump tweeted earlier that maybe Trump saw it in a movie, citing this scene from the film “Rising Sun”:

But then a reader burst his bubble with what appears to be a Japanese “bowling ball test” of sorts. It doesn’t involve a bowling ball, but it does involve a cannon firing a fake head at a car hood to test for pedestrian safety:

This certainly looks like a “bowling ball test” to us:

How else would you describe it?

Here’s the full video of the “bowling ball” in action:

And Trump wins. Again.