Twila Barnes, a Cherokee genealogist, sat down with Tucker Carlson last night and accused Sen. Elizabeth Warren of identity appropriation over he continued claims of Native American heritage.



“I  can’t speak for all of them. I could speak for the ones I talk to and, you know, some just laugh because it’s so ludicrous. I mean, you know, she has no proof of anything  She’s a lawyer and she’s supposed to understand, you know, you need proof. Yet she keeps claiming — many are angry because they feel like she’s appropriating an identity to gain something from that and she has no respect for true Native Americans.”

If Sen. Warren thinks she can keep avoiding this, she’s mistaken:

And why can’t she just admit her family lied to her?

Keep in mind, it’s not just conservatives calling Warren out. Here’s an editorial from the “liberal Berkshire Eagle” asking her to take a DNA test:



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