As we told you last night, the latest reporting on the Parkland, Fla. shooting suggest that 4 Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies were on scene in the parking lot of Stoneman Douglas HS while Nikolas Cruz was killing his former classmates yet did nothing to engage him.

To the always awful Piers Morgan, this startling development of police misconduct is — wait for it — evidence that “good guys with a gun” can’t stop a killer and why we shouldn’t let teachers carry guns:

But Piers really stepped in it. You see, the deputies didn’t break any laws. They may or may not have violated the BSO’s policies, but they can’t be prosecuted for doing nothing. Which Townhall’s Katie Pavlich educated Piers on with this brutal smackdown:

Right? If the cops won’t do anything, more Americans will want to own guns!

Piers responded with this idiotic reply:

That’s literally what Katie just said. If there was a good guy with a gun on scene — oh, like coach Aaron Feis or the off duty Coral Springs PD officer we told you about last night who was volunteering at the school and ran toward the sound of gunfire unarmed — could have stopped Cruz in his tracks.

But whatever, dude. Keep digging.



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