So, this article from Playboy just came up on our feed. It’s about transgender female MMA fighter Anne Veriato who is scheduled to fight a man in her next fight. Nice share image Playboy has there, right?

But guess what. That’s not Veriato in the picture. It’s a stock footage of a female fighter that they’ve cropped, via Shutterstock:

Now, Playboy can use whatever stock image it wants to get people to click on its articles, but the article in questions is literally titled, “In the World of MMA, What Makes a Woman? How We Should Handle the Sport’s Embrace of Transness.” Shouldn’t Playboy, in the interest of “embracing transness,” use a photo of the actual transgender female MMA fighter?

You know, like this one:

Over to you, Playboy: Why did you use the hottie free photo instead a photo of the actual athlete?