Ronald Reagan, we miss you. What’s happened to your state?

Here are 10 tweets that explain what’s going on in California today and why conservatives never, ever want to be governed by a Californian.

1. For starters, we don’t trust people that try to avoid a traffic jam and end up stuck in a sand dune:


3. Abortion policies North Korea would be proud of:

4. More abortion mandates:

5. You can sue if you see a Bigfoot but nobody believes you:

6. Politicians like Gavin Newsom who say things like, “California is both America’s richest state, and its poorest”:

7. Those same politicians who embrace high-speed rail instead of water desalination projects for the ever-parched state:

8. TFW you realize Mexico City has a better earthquake warning system than any city in California:

9. These large rodents have outsmarted officials in the state:

10. And finally, the state is a magnet for weirdos from other states: