Not surprisingly, we didn’t learn anything at all from Stormy Daniels’ appearance with Jimmy Kimmel last night. In fact, things got even more confusing as she played “coy” on nearly every question and suggested that the letter flying around this week that denied an affair with Donald Trump was forged:

In summary: No confirmation, but no denial either:

But she did allude to Trump preventing her from speaking in this promo where Kimmel asked her to show the audience on the puppet what Trump did to her and she held up a puppet of her own that had its mouth taped shut:

Here’s the entire clip:

FWIW, bot the the Washington Post and BuzzFeed are reporting that the letter was in fact signed by Daniels and in the presence of her attorney:

(The Washington Post had confirmed the authenticity of the signed statement with Daniels’s representative, Gina Rodriguez, earlier in the evening. Reached after the Kimmel interview aired, Rodriquez noted that Daniels had “not answered any of the questions directly” and that the porn star had definitely signed the document that afternoon in front of her and Daniels’s lawyer.)

As for Kimmel’s interview, he is under fire for how he treated Daniels:

You mean like this bit where Kimmel tried to get Daniels to describe President Trump’s, well, you know, with carrots even though she was clearly uncomfortable throughout?

S.E. Cupp criticized him as well after Kimmel brought her up in his monologue:

Cupp later sent this statement to Mediaite:

“I pointed out that Jimmy Kimmel chose to give Stormy Daniels a platform after the State of the Union. How easy. I suggested, in this MeToo moment, that giving Monica Lewinsky or Clinton’s other accusers an equal platform might have actually been more impactful, given Democrats unwillingness to reckon with their own skeletons. Kimmel fell for the Democrats playbook, to again turn the table on the accusers and the Conservative women who dared bring them up. You’re so brave, Jimmy.”