Anheuser-Busch InBev released its Super Bowl LII ad for its signature Budweiser beer on Friday, titled, “Stand By You,” and as in past years, it’s a good one. As in, maybe have a box of Kleenex handy:

The ad starts out with a middle-of-the-night call to a Budweiser employee who solemnly looks at his sleeping wife and says into the phone, “I’ll be right there.” The ad then cuts to the employee driving to the factory while listening to a radio report on a big storm hitting the U.S.

[You can see where this is going…]

The employee is identified as Kevin Fahrenkrog, Sr. General Manager of the Cartersville brewery. Once Fahrenkrog gets to the factory, you find out he’s not there to fix a beer production line problem. He’s actually there to shift production to fresh water for use in disaster recovery efforts.

Amazing. Have a look:

Budweiser also announced it’s upgrading a second U.S. brewery to be able to provide fresh water in times of need:

Well done, Budweiser:

And we’ll agree with this!