The City of Anaheim, California is in the process of removing hundreds of homeless people from a tent city along the popular Santa Ana River Trail near Angel Stadium:

From the AP:

Deputies will give tent-dwellers reasonable time to move and the county will provide transportation to area shelters and storage for personal belongings, she said. The encampment is a two-mile (3.2 kilometer) stretch of tents and tarps surrounded by trash on a dusty patch of land near a bike trail where cyclists zoom by.

“The goal is to get people out of there and restore it to a flood control channel,” Braun said.

This is the same homeless camp seen in a now-viral video flying around Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which shows the conditions on the ground as two bikers speed past:

Residents have complained about the homeless population along the trail for months, even saying it’s a “place to be avoided”:

Santa Ana River Trail walkers, cyclists fear homeless, give up outdoor ‘jewel’