Well, what do we have here?

It appears NBC News finally found a reason to do a story on anchor babies. Of course, it’s only because they found a way to tie it to President Trump at the same time:

The story is about Russian women who travel to Miami to have their babies, thus guaranteeing U.S. citizenship. NBC then connected the practice to President Trump because some of the women just happen to have stayed in rental properties at Trump buildings in the Miami area, specifically Sunny Isles Beach which has a large Russian population:

Anyway, the media never seemed to care about this issue when, for example, Jeb Bush talked about it during the primaries:

As a matter of fact, NBC News did a story on Jeb! for signaling out Asians in the “‘anchor baby’ debate”:

So, it’s OK to single out Russians but not Asians? Please explain, NBC News.