Breaking news out of Houston where we’re learning that a man is under arrest after cops found 3 guns and “lots of ammo” in his room at the Hyatt Regency where a big New Year’s party was set to take place:

According to reports, the man got drunk at the bar downstairs and officers found the guns and ammunition while searching his room:

More from the Houston Chronicle:

Houston police uncovered a stash of weapons Sunday morning after showing up at a downtown hotel to arrest a drunk man.

Staff at the Hyatt Regency Houston called for police around 1:30 a.m. for help handling a highly intoxicated man at the hotel bar.

At first, security at the 1200 Louisiana hotel tried sending the argumentative guest to his room, but he started fighting with them, officials said. So security called the Houston police.
The first officer planned to arrest him for trespassing, but discovered the man was drunk and belligerent.

When the officer spotted ammunition lying around the man’s hotel room, he decided to call for backup.