Does Sen. Elizabeth Warren know how elections works? Apparently not.

The Massachusetts liberal went on the warpath last night and demanded Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seat special-election winner Doug Jones “without any delay”:

That tweet quickly went viral with many of her allies worried that McConnell would play games on the timing of Jones’ swearing in order to get an extra vote to ensure passage of the GOP tax bill:

But, surprise! It’s out of McConnell’s hands and he — and everyone else — must wait for the state to certify the election first. In regular elections, voters don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, but it’s normal:

Will Warren correct herself?

Over to you, Alabama:

So it all depends on when Alabama certifies and when the Senate concludes its business for the year:

But there’s a catch. A recount can’t happen until the election is certified:

Moore, who hasn’t conceded yet, can pay for his own recount even one is not mandatorily triggered:

And we’ll end it on this example of the certification process from Warren’s own state:

Game over, Dems.



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