Editor’s note: This post is being updated.

Update 6 — Video of the explosion:

Update 5 — Number of injured now at 4:

Update 4 — It sounds like the suspect is the only one injured and that his device malfunctioned in some way:

Update 3 — suspect identified at Bangladeshi national according to former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton:

Update 2 — Police reportedly have video of the incident, possible pipe bomb:

Update 1 — A suspect is reportedly in custody with few injuries reported:

And President Trump has been briefed on the situation:

Breaking news out of NYC:

We don’t know yet if this was an intentional act or not:

But there are unconfirmed reports of an explosive device seen at the scene:

Subways in and through the area have been affected:

We’ll update as soon as we know more.