You’ve probably seen the National Geographic photos of a starving polar bear in your feed if you’ve been on Twitter for about 30 seconds over the weekend. It’s everywhere:

And liberals are using it to prove global warming and man’s role in killing the planet, or something:

But it’s not just liberals. MSM news sites are saying the sad bear “exposes climate change impact”:

And if you don’t  believe it, then you’re “delusional and disgusting”:

Well then, let’s take a look at what Eric Holthaus of Grist has to say, as he is what we might term a climate alarmist:

Wait … what’s that? The starving bear isn’t linked to global warming? As they say, BOOM. Here’s the thread (TL;DR: the bear probably has cancer and the bear populations in the area aren’t threatened anyway):

Well, that would be … What’s the word for it? … Oh yeah … science.