If you’re on Twitter right now, the top-two trending topics nationally are “Gronk,” as in New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and “Marcus Peters,” a defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs:

First up is Gronk, who delivered this vicious late hit on Buffalo Bills’ Tre’Davious White after an interception:

WWE is calling!

Many are expecting a suspension:

Although maybe it’s not as bad as we’re seeing?

This brings us to the other top-trending story on Marcus Peters. He was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after he threw a penalty flag into the stands during Sunday’s game against the New York Jets:

Now that’s funny — and some fan got an awesome souvenir:

It gets better. It appears Peters thought he was ejected — he wasn’t — and he ran off the field into the locker room:

But when he returned to the field, he had already started getting undressed and arrived missing his socks:

Did he throw those into the stands, too? Maybe:

Now, for the race card, played by Dave Dameshek of NFL.com:

Who is he reading that’s calling Gronk a “national treasure” while “demonizing” Marcus Peters? It’s literally the opposite.

Luke Russert jumped on the race issue as well:

Dameshek later deleted the tweet after getting called out:

Screenshots, however, are forever:


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